Japs-Olson Prepress Overview


Primary Workflow: Kodak Prinergy Connect

The Kodak Prinergy workflow system is a PDF-based, printing workflow management tool that organizes prepress and plate production. The Prinergy system manages tasks such as file optimization, trapping, color management, proofing, color matching, imposition, archiving, and plate-making for increased process control and productivity. Prinergy’s Rules Based Automation “RBA” has allowed Japs-Olson to automate hundreds of tasks creating one of the most efficient and streamlined workflows in the country.

Production Workstations: 24” Apple iMac’s

Japs-Olson has 14 production workstations utilizing the latest versions of Adobe and Quark and Metrix imposition software. These workstations are 24” 2.93 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac’s all of which have an additional 18” apple monitor.

Proof output: Xerox, Cannon and HP

Content proofing: Xerox Docucolor 6060 with booklet maker. Large format Content and Imposition proofing: 2 Canon 8000’s with Impo-proof duplexing. Contract color proofing: 24” & 42” HPZ 2100 driven by GMG ColorProof software. All proofs are verified using GMG ProofControl software.

Plate output: Kodak Magnus 800 & Magnus VLF

Kodak Magnus 800: Auto loading, 5 cassette unit, with built in plate punch. Kodak X head capable of 40/40” plates per hour. Max plate size of 37.4” x 45.7”. Magnus VLF: Auto loading, 4 cassette unit, with built in plate punch. Kodak X head capable of 48/40” plates per hour. Max plate size of 63” x 83”.

Prepress to Plant: JDF and CIP Data

JDF Data: Japs-Olson Prepress delivers JDF data to numerous departments. From JDF folding preset data which allows Bindery to automate MBO folder setup to JDF layout information to assist Data Processing in imaging layout setup. CIP Data: Japs-Olson Prepress also generates CIP preset data for the pressroom. This creates faster and more accurate make readys throughout the plant.