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Japs-Olson Online Proofing

The Kodak® InSiteTM Prepress Portal system is a Web portal to the prepress environment that lets printers and their customers work with print jobs over the Internet. Prepress Portal helps to manage the proofing, correction, and approval process so that it is more efficient.

Japs-Olson InSite Quick Start Guide.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

InSite FAQ

Q): What is Japs-Olson’s InSite Online Proofing?

A): InSite is a web based online proofing system that allows clients to view, print, download, and approve their files via a web browser.

Q): What are the benefits of Insite?

A): Insite offers the following benefits:

• Quick access to files for approval (no need to fax or FedEx last minute changes)

• Easy to use web interface

• Accurate file representation (uses the actual PDF files for CTP output)

• Secure transfer of Insite file data (each client has a specific user name and password and can only view files assigned to their account)

• Instant e-mail notification (Insite notifies our Sales/CSR staff when the client approves, rejects, uploads, and submits annotations for corrections)

Q): What is required to utilize InSite?

A): The following software and hardware is required:

• Java 6.0 or later (Java 7.0 is not supported by Google Chrome)

• Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 or later

• Safari browser or Firefox browser 15 or later

• Adobe Acrobat version 6.0 or higher (Acrobat “Reader” 6.0 can be used to view files only)

• PostScript printer if a hard copy of Insite PDF files is required

Q): Do I still need to make digital color proofs?

A): Yes! Insite is currently configured for content proofing only. Contract color proofs are still required on all 4-color jobs for press approval. (Contact your sales person for info on online color proofing)