InSite Online Proofing Features


InSite Prepress Portal

InSite Online Proofing Features

• Instant Sales/CSR e-mail notification of approvals, corrections, and rejections

• Full integration with Prepress and Data Processing workflows

• “Same File” data integrity (The same file used online is used to print)

• “Real Time” multiple user review and collaboration of pages

• Detailed database of all user transactions online

• A full suite of “markup” tools for annotating your corrections online

• Ability to download High & Low resolution PDF proofs of each page

• Compare two pages side by side in Smart Review as well as multiple revisions

• Ability to upload and download files to our system (Eliminating FTP transfers)

• Sign-off proofs accurately represent actual printed and lasered forms

• Full scaleable users permissions and system privileges

• Recorded online chat during team collaboration of proofs

• Full PDF reports of previous correction reports of each page

• Onsite location of online proofing server for data security

• You can configure the branding, color schemes, and terminology of your InSite

• Access to all D.P. record dumps, layouts, and mail reports online upon request