Taking the Initiative in Environmental Stewardship

Japs-Olson Company recycled more than 13,000 tons of paper in 2018; going beyond what is required by government regulatory agencies in environmental, health and safety compliance. Through our efforts we saved annual equivalent of:

  • 238,000 trees
  • 57,338,500 kw hrs of electricity
  • 97,895,000 gallons of water
  • 46,200 cubic yards of landfill space
  • 125,900 barrels of oil

Along with being a charter member of the Printing Industry Midwest Great Printer Environmental Initiative, Japs-Olson is also a certified ISO 9001:20015 company and hold the Forest Stewardship Council Certification.


Japs-Olson Company has been recycling for over half a century and gives preference to recycled content and post-consumer waste content to customers. At Japs-Olson, there is no excess paper. We collect and recycle all the trimmings from our jobs.