Adobe Transparency and Print Production Guides



Adobe InDesign Transparency Guide

Best practices when creating transparency: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

This guide covers some of the basic issues and question associated with the use of transparency. Most transparency issues can be avoided with proper file construction. Simple changes with in the document can solve most transparency issues. An example would be an area of text that appears bold when it should not be. This problem can be solved with proper element stacking. In this case the text box should be the top most element, either with bring to front or by moving it to a layer above the transparent element layer.

Adobe InDesign Print Production Guide

Adobe Creative Suite Print Guide: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

This guide will introduce you to forensic tools, such as the Overprint Preview option in Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat 9 Pro, as well as the Output Preview function in Acrobat, all of which are invaluable in highlighting potential problems. The earlier you can pinpoint problems in a job, the less expensive and complicated they are to rectify.

A Designer’s Guide to Transparency for Print Output

Transparency features in Adobe® Creative Suite® 3: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Transparency features in Adobe® Creative Suite® 3 let designers and publishers easily create, display, import, export, and print transparency effects—drop shadows, feathering, blends, and layered see- through artwork. It’s easy to design transparent effects in Adobe Creative Suite 3 that print as intended— accurately, with minimal processing and press time.

Transparency in Adobe Applications

A Print Production Guide: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Adobe® Creative Suite® 3 has the tools print service providers need to get consistent, high-quality output from files containing transparency created in Adobe® professional publishing products. Getting the correct output from designs with transparency while minimizing problems during processing (called flattening) is the goal of quality print output.